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not much to say.. its like you said.. a little ¨overdue¨ but not so much.. I like the round/circular composition.. and.. (this is of my...


Guys .. folks .. 
                        Im tempted to buy a tablet monitor ..  I have  around 1000 bucks (USD)  (by arround I mean ..I can stretch a bit more .. but .. honestly I dont want to pay way more ..coz I need to upgrade my other stuff :P
  anyway here´s the thins ..( if someone was using or still use the old 21 ux or 20 wsx cintiqs -those with grey frames ..  would be helpful  their thoughts ) 

    lately I saw lot of good deals on ebay ..  some cintiqs 21 ux dtz  and 20 wsx (wider version of the 21 ux)     I spot some of them in almost pristine conditions on ebay ..
and really dirty cheap ..
                      around 500 ish u$d .  
    but .. they are old (?) (I still see some people using them ..) 
 are they screen  so bad  compared to  newer ones? 
  here where I live ..I experienced with a grey 21 ux  once and I dont rember it so "bad" ..     
        .. there s those  alternatives (in the good sens of that word ) 
 like HUION , XP PEN (22" and 16" ),Yiynova .. etc.. 
 prices : 550 and up to 900 u$d 

    although I did my research on youtube review..forums etc..
 would be great to hear your thoughts ..specially if there are those who experienced or had real contact with  old grey cintiqs  ,newer 22hd line . cintiqs ..and  those alternatives

  so ..  for all you guys ..   would you go for a grey cintiq  if its in good healt and contidion? 
    or better go for a cintiq alternative ? ( huion ,xp pen, yiynova ..) 
  Im tempted by some of those old wacoms .. but worry about  color..screen etc..
     I dont care so much for the pressure levels  thing.
 cintiq alternatives  ..  I fear they could have also quality issues.  better screen .but  drivers not so mature  like wacom´s  (?)
 quality control.. etc. 

very happy . one of my illustrations  was used on cover book :D…
big ship deep space travel
concept   also belongs to the "dust war chronicles "  but this one was just a concept I was  doodling :P 
mother ship -humans
big big  biiig ship   .all rights reserved to :   
I had great time doing this back on 2015 ..  aside from medieval fantasy  what many ppl don't know  is that when I was kid and bit more young teenager ..I was a veery big fan of space and space battles  and related to that movies and books  (star trek, Star wars, old 60's-70's 80's  movies .ray Bradbury, Asimov  etc..  ) 
and also war and all kind of military tech and machinery :3   
it was  a biig  BIIG and LOOOONG time  I dint  wrote or post something here .. mostly because work  and personal stuff going on in my life..
   but first I want to write  (and I will post  all the work I did  later ,here and on my facebook)  about how it went 
  with Daarken  Mentorship course and  how its going  with his  Patreon  which I'm taking  right now :3  
  when I ended Mentorship course .. I thought  how to show better  what was my experience ..  and how much I enjoy it :),..
   thing was that words can be relative or limited in some way ..  .. when I was  taking the mentorship course ..after  we submit the assignment  and Daarken  ,later, send us the paintover ,he encourage us to fixh the mistakes and keep working  on the painting ..learning from the mistake and the corrections .. so  I thought  that was a good idea.. not only to speak (thing I will do  bit later down here) but actually show it ...  so I will show the  piece I submit ,and how I finish it later ..    to clarify  about  "when I finished it later" thing..     some of the work I wasn't able to  done it  at that time later .. because  of work and commissions  things went more than one time to the freezer .. :P -__-U ..  but finally I did it :3 ^^ ..
  ok so how I like the course?    .. I LIKE IT!   hell yeah.!   for me and I guess for lot of guys like me  .who live far away  from artists like Daarken . having the chance  to learn  from him , to have tips how to improve  own art , and take a sneak peak how is to work in the art industry is  really great. 
     I wont go through basic details about what is the course about  coz its already very been written  on Daarken Mentorship page  ..
        every week you have to submit a assignment, and also if u signed up for that too you will take a "personal assignment" ..I took that   so it was very cool experience .  
   every week  when submission , we had the skype talk .. getting  in touch with someone who works in the art industry and had the chance to talk and ask him questions ..and talk about many art and art industry related things, doubts,.. was great  .also  like meet  and know about other  guys ..  
    Also  it was so good to know other participants of the mentorship ..  so its not that you are just learning from mike but I felt myself learning  from others too ..  this maybe sounds bit   like naif?  but  it was like that  ..of course  I wont paint it like a happy  first grade  school things XDD ..   haha
      not my intention to give that impression ..   its just that   lot of brains  when brainstorming ..and have good will ..    sometimes someone says something really interesting .. maybe a different  angle of opinion,, or just a info that you didn't know about. 
       When you ar elearning at your own .. art is soo vast hug he ..
                      .. you don't have the time to cover all the the aspects you really want , or things that you know about them ..maybe u practiced them a bit ..    .. sometimes its just that you are into other things learning z brush  for instance..  so .. then .. for me .. for example  learning  how to do "turnarounds" .. or get into more deep look into characters face expressions or character design  .. .or how to paint  faces adding color properly .. or       how paint from a client brief a game card like MtG  ,..      how to work with picture references..   and how I can benefit  enormously from taking selfshots   holding a sword  or in a pose ..  things that I  know about but  I didn't pay  much attention .. was a good thing .
  there were also other classes I enjoyed like the sci fi  illustration or  the business part of art .. 
   key here ,at least for me,  is that Learning  from a Great artist that  has lot of  experience  in the art industry  and is  willing to guide , and help you   is what I felt  was the most benefit part .
      for example .. its not the same  when u see some video about character design  . and when  someone Like  a pro artist with experience  said it to you ..   there are lot of  many important things that ..I think I was benefit  learning this way .because  u can actually interact  and have feedback from him.   so its pretty much the most close experience to have  classes without having to travel outside my country . :D

         what I would like to add as a constructive criticism ?   meeh  if I were Daarken ..I will kick greenviggen ass more .. 
                    sometimes I felt that he was like too much polite .. and ..dunno .maybe Im used to be harsh with myself .. XD :P ..
                    more paintovers ..   having  and asignment and do it .deliver it ..and later receiving a paintover + feedback  what went wrong ..
 where were the flaws   or strong points ..  or weak points in composition or color .. its something I  really enjoyed .. so for me if there will be more  
would be cool :D 
                    this is why I  signed for  his Patreon :D  :)
      ok thats all  ..I think .. ..
  if anyone have a question or comment  feel free to ask :) .. 
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  • Drinking: tea with bit milk. :3


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Operating System: photoshop ,Painter,PaintStorm Sudio
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